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Bicycle Coffee

Oakland, CA

The founders love good coffee and they really like to ride bicycles, so they decided to combine the two. They roast quality coffee in their custom built roaster and deliver it by bicycle. They only roast organic, fair-trade, Arabica beans grown by farm cooperatives.

Bicycle Coffee was started in 2009 by three brothers, a cousin, and a family friend. The idea of delivering coffee by bicycle came about while trekking through the rain forests of Central America. The original plan was to move to a tropical country and live in tree-houses, but after they started hanging out with coffee farmers, they began to appreciate all the hard work that goes into a good cup of coffee. They learned first-hand how quality coffee is grown, picked, and roasted.

Upon returning to the San Francisco Bay Area, they built a small-batch roaster, and began roasting beans. Their commitment to high quality beans and roasting methods can be found in the smooth, rich flavors of their product.

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Mountanos Brothers Coffee

San Francisco, CA

As avid seekers of top-quality organic, fair trade coffees, we could not find a source better than family-owned Mountanos Brothers in South San Francisco. Not only do they have several blends of coffees and teas available, but their old-fashioned roasting method makes their product the smoothest, most flavorful brews we can find.

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Numi Organic Tea

Oakland, CA

After spending many years apart traveling the world and pursuing interests in art, brother and sister Ahmed and Reem Rahim met up during a family vacation to the Grand Canyon and discussed starting a tea business. Ahmed had been living abroad and had owned and operated teahouses in Europe while Reem had been studying art in Northern California. They wanted to create an entity that would encompass both of their passions.

In 1999, after observing that competing brands in the U.S. tea market differed little from one another in quality, consistency, and selection, Numi was created in a tiny 750 sq/ft apt in Oakland, CA. Inspired by art and exotic teas, Reem and Ahmed created a company whose hallmark is super-premium, organic and Fair Trade Certified teas and herbal teas made with 100% real ingredients.

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