Spring Field Day May 17, 2014 at Paicines Ranch |

The Beet

The weather for our Spring Field Day couldn’t have been more perfect at Paicines Ranch. There was a light, cool breeze, which we all enjoyed with much relief after the heat wave earlier in the week. About 80 of us gathered together for a picnic lunch that myself and my team spent the morning preparing. We cooked up beef burgers, chicken salad sandwiches and veggie burgers along with an array of salads highlighting the seasons peak crops. I must say that we had a lot of fun cooking together!

The beef burgers were made with Paicines Ranch beef and the chicken salad sandwiches made with Pasture Chick chicken were big hits. The few who enjoyed veggie burgers were able to feast on Pat Herbert’s (Herbert Family Organic Farm) freshly dug Carrots and Red Beets. Fruit salad was comprised of Larry Hirahara’s Blueberries, Francisco Serrano’s Strawberries, and Twin Girls Peaches and Plums. The Potato Salad centered around freshly dug Red Norland Potatoes from Mariquita Farm and the Caesar Salad featured Phil Foster’s crisp, sweet Romaine Lettuce. Lisa Jensen of Suncoast Organic Bakery sent along some of her addictive chocolate chip cookies for a sweet treat.

There is a certain calm that hovers over the ranch and it infused the event with a wave of joy and peace that is hard to put in to words. Everyone was smiling, talking and learning throughout the event. Attendees enjoyed a tour of the historic grounds led by Leti Hain and owner Sallie Calhoun headed the tour around the pastures afterwards. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many of our members who have supported us for so many years. It was great to put faces to names and am excited about the conversations we shared.