CSA Membership Options |

How It Works

Our organic produce delivery is all about choice. You choose what size membership you want, and you choose what we pack in your bag each week. It’s a little bit of work on your end (… mmm … strawberries or spinach, or both? …) but you are assured of liking everything in your bag, because you chose it!

Weekly Produce Delivery

Bag Size Options

We have four convenient membership sizes to accommodate all households.

Extra Small, 6 Credit Bag
$28 ($112/month)

Small, 8 Credit Bag
$35 ($140/month)

Medium, 12 Credit Bag
$48 ($192/month)

Large, 16 Credit Bag
$61 ($244/month)


Chicken Eggs

$8.00 per dozen
Extra Strawberries
(2, 1-pound clamshells)

$9.00 per week

Pre-made Deli Specials

Salad of the Week

$7 per share
Dip of the Week

$6.50 per share
Soup of the Week

$12 per share

Artisanal Groceries

We have many additional items that you may add to your order every week or occasionally. Produced locally, here are a few items we offer:

Grassfed &
Pasture-Raised Meats

Organic Breads

Organic Jams &


Please Note: Grassfed and Pasture-Raised Meats are available once a month on your delivery day. Please refer to our Weekly Availability Email for the current schedule.