Cabbage Au Gratin & Office Ninja Admin Bash Fun! |

The Beet

Office Ninja Admin Bash Was a Blast!

When I was growing up, I spent many summer days roaming around the farm with my sisters for fun. We all groaned when my mom would tell us to go outside and play but looking back now I can’t help but feel we were spoiled living in the country with trees to play ‘house’ in, creeks to set up camp by, and most fun of all for me was picking mustard flowers in the walnut orchard that used to be right out front of the house.  I’d then sell my bouquets for a nickel outside of  whatever store my mom shopped at in Gilroy on Saturday mornings.

So when Laura and I had the opportunity to attend Office Ninja’s Annual Admin Bash at the Tech Museum in Mountain View, an event which required us to have an interactive activity at our booth for guests, my mind immediately went to flower bouquet making when I was brainstorming ways to bring the farm experience to these people who spend their days in office cubes. From my experience doing pop up farmer’s markets at some of our partnering companies, I know shoppers are always drawn to the bouquets so my hunch was that these ladies would love the opportunity to make their own arrangement.

The end result? We were mobbed! It was so fun seeing the array of arrangements all of the participants made. But more importantly, the creative juices that were flowing through the conversation about ways we can fulfill their needs at their offices for local foods was awesome. There are so many needs I want to fill—pre-cut vegetables for employees to snack on, a weekly sandwich and salad CSA Subscription from Farmhouse Café delivered, breakfast & lunch catering services for office meetings, employer subsidized CSA subscriptions as a health benefit, even bringing flowers to offices as a staff activity was suggested. My answer to all requests: Yes, yes, yes! I’d love to fulfill all desires.

Do we deliver to YOUR office? If not, we’d love to! Do any of these sound enticing to you?  If so, let us know! We’d love to work with you to fulfill all of your needs.